About Conveyors

Conveyors, either overhead or floor mounted, provide for the efficient movement of products through the factory process. They are extremely reliable and can be designed with as much process routing flexibility as required to suit the application.

Allied Conveyors Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures a variety of overhead conveyors suitable for almost any application.  Our conveyors are modular for flexibility in system design, economy of manufacture and ease of installation.

Our overhead conveyors are rated to carry loads of 185 lbs/ft to 1200 lbs/ft, while our floor conveyors can be designed for virtually any load requirement.

We offer Continuous and Power & Free models for both the overhead and floor conveyors.  Continuous conveyors economically transport materials from point to point; the Power & Free systems offer the flexibility of switching and accumulation that can be engineered to suit any materials handling requirement.